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Prosthodontics - Implantology

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General Dentistry

Digital panoramic and peri-apical radiographs.


Clinical examination and formulation of comprehensive recommended

treatment plan.


Composite resin restorations (“white fillings”).


Prophylaxis (scaling and polishing).



Esthetic Dentistry

Whitening (light-accelerated whitening – Zoom® System).

Smile design: achieving a naturally pleasing smile with either

direct composite resin restorations (“bonding”) or ceramic veneers.

Prosthodontics Implantology

Restoration of extensively damaged teeth with the use of conservative bonded inlays,

all-ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns.

Replacement of missing teeth with the use of dental implants or bridges

(all-ceramic or metal-ceramic).

Full- mouth prosthetic rehabilitations.

Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)-occlusal splints (nightguards).

SmileLab Nicosia
Sophocles Voyiazis


At SmileLab Nicosia, a dental clinic based in the capital of Cyprus, we provide the highest quality care.

We specialise in esthetic dentistry, prosthodontics and implantology.

We treat each patient as an individual and we respect the natural tissues.

Our philosophy and what we strive for could be summarized in the following, simple phrase:

Just dentistry done right 

A beautiful smile is often perceived as a sign of health and prosperity. Because a smile can change a life, we are proud to offer the most appropriate solutions for each case, using the best and latest materials and technology. Our experience combined with our modern equipment will make you feel comfortable and any treatment quick and painless.

The dental clinic is led by Dr. Sophocles Voyiazis, a well renowned prosthodontist and international speaker with over 10 years of experience in implant-related surgical and restorative procedures.
He received his DDS degree (Doctor in Dental Surgery) from the University of Athens, Greece, and was awarded the Greek State Scholarship (IKY) for academic performance. 
He received his Prosthodontics specialty certificate and MSc in Oral Biology from the Baylor College of Dentistry (Dallas, USA) in 2004.

He completed his studies in the University of Geneva, Switzerland, as the recipient of the ITI scholarship (International Team for Implantology) for 2005.

He is practicing in Nicosia since December 2006 and continues to pursue his academic interests as an

ITI fellow and registered speaker, lecturing in Cyprus, Greece, Europe and North America. 

Check out our list of services below and call us for an appointment. We will be pleased to help you.

Because we value a good communication with our patients, our staff speaks fluently Greek, English, Russian, French and Italian.

See you soon!

The SmileLab Team

Cyprus dentist Nicosia,Dental implants clinic:SmileLab Nicosia provides the highest quality care.We specialise in esthetic dentistry, prosthodontics implants...

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