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Our Philosophy

We promote oral health at its best with integrity and respect for our patients’ needs. Our goal is to provide the most suitable treatment and our priority is always the patient. Our philosophy can be summarised by the three major parameters we always have in mind when we plan and perform our treatments:
- Each patient is special and must be addressed on a patient-specific basis. A ‘one treatment-fits all’ approach is not considered as an option in our practice.
- Natural healthy tissues are in most cases better than prosthetic solutions. Thus our primary goal is to maintain teeth and periodontal tissues in a healthy state, through prevention and correct treatment planning.
- When the use of prosthetics is necessary to restore function and aesthetics, it is applied according to the most predictable methods backed by scientific data and by using the highest quality biomaterials (composite resins, ceramics and dental implants). Our goal in these prosthetic rehabilitations is to mimic nature and achieve long-term success and a stable state of oral health.


Quality dentistry
in the center of Nicosia, Cyprus

Products used in our practice

because we want you to know

We use only the best Bio-materials

- Implants: Straumann
- Implant prosthetic components: Straumann original products
- Bone grafting: Geistlich, Botiss and Straumann products
- Light-accelerated whitening: Zoom® system
- Composite resin restorations: Ivoclar Vivadent

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