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SmileLab Nicosia (Cyprus) provides a large varieties of professional dental treatments, including

general dentistry, esthetic dentistry and prosthodontics implantology.

Visit our dental clinic in Nicosia and try our modern tooth whitening system.

General Dentistry

Digital panoramic and peri-apical radiographs.


Clinical examination and formulation of comprehensive recommended treatment plan.


Composite resin restorations (“white fillings”).


Prophylaxis (scaling and polishing).



Esthetic Dentistry

Whitening (light-accelerated whitening – Zoom® System).

Smile design: achieving a naturally pleasing smile with either direct composite resin restorations (“bonding”) or ceramic veneers.

Prosthodontics Implantology

Restoration of extensively damaged teeth with the use of conservative bonded inlays, all-ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns.

Replacement of missing teeth with the use of dental implants or bridges (all-ceramic or metal-ceramic).

Full- mouth prosthetic rehabilitations.

Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders-occlusal splints (nightguards).

SmileLab Nicosia: Teeth whitening, Prosthodontics, general dentistry

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